Saturday, February 15, 2014

Generations Whirl , My First Review.

Generations Whirl Review

Lately HASBRO has been giving alot of love to IDW characters. There are alot of characters I would like to see done , and one of them is Whirl. Fortunately for me , Hasbro heeded the call !!! I now present to you what I am going to call a review of generations whirl.

Robot Mode

Generations Whirls robot mode is great. He is homage to both the IDW style and the original G1 figure. The shade of blue chosen is great. All the paint is on point. It is a very well detailed and interesting figure. The joints are all fairly tight and he has a pretty good range of motions. The arms can move all the way around at the shoulders and the lower arm has both a bicep swivel and a nice double elbow.  The chicken legs I like however some people may not care for them. Forward range at the hips is pretty good however the turbine on the back somewhat block rear swivel. He has no ankle tilt so if you spread the legs out it leaves one toe airborne somewhat sometimes. The chicken leg design kind of makes some poses look "funny" as well however standing it looks appropriate. The head sculpt is very IDW and looks fantastic with his single red eye and antennae. 

The robot mode is by far my favorite. He is well armed and without a "face" , he looks like a menacing robotic killer. I suspect this is the mode most people will have him in forever.

Gerwalk Mode

The "Gerwalk" mode or "Heloped" mode is really almost just a mid transformation mode that allows this to be a "triple changer" . It is neat that he probably can walk and fly in this mode and is still a mobile weapons platform , but he can wear all the weapons in the robot mode as well. Out of all three I feel this is the weakest mode. It doesn't really inspire me a whole lot. I will probably not be putting  him in this mode again. 

Helicopter Mode

The Helicopter mode is his original alt form. Its done pretty well and once again all the weapons make him look like hes ready to destroy something. My biggest complaint about this form is the front gun. It doesnt peg in deep enough and actually lifts him up off his landing tracks. They themselves seem a little too short. I would have liked them to be even just a 1/4 inch longer. However the helicopter looks like a helicopter and there is not much more I can ask of it. The spinning main and tail rotors are fun , but I wish he had 2 main rotors instead of just one. The helicopter is a passable alt mode however the robot mode is still probably the most interesting mode.


In conclusion , I like generations whirl. The alt modes are pretty cool however the robot mode is great. He will look great with any kind of More Than Meets The Eye crew you assemble , and being a voyager size hes big enough to fit in. If you want a whirl there are not really many options. With the G1 costing $80 or more complete this figure priced at around $20 is a great buy. If you want a whirl , this is the one to get. id give it an 8/10 with mostly the robot mode holding that up.

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  1. Great review, I'm looking forward to this figure tremendously. Hopefully either my friend finds it for me from the US, or it actually shows up in my area.